Strawberry Fields Spa Body Treatment


Strawberry Fields Spa Body Treatment

This skin nourishing treatment starts with a 40 minute full body massage with organic massage oil.

Next, the Organic Strawberry body polish exfoliator with a touch of coconut.

This scrub gently polishes the skin’s surface, making the skin silky smooth.

Next, relax with a 20 minute herbal full body steam treatment that melts the polish right into your skin.

We then apply a rejuvenating anti aging facial mask.

Lastly, we apply Organic Strawberry Body Butter to lock in the moisture.

A REFRESHING and Hydrating Skin Nourishing Treatment! 

FYI, This strawberry spa body treatment is packed with vitamin C and polyphenols that help repair skin damage and fight signs of aging.

Plus, strawberries’ natural salicylic acid removes impurities, and sloughs away dead skin cells.

This treatment helps heal sun-damaged skin and increases collagen production.

Ready for skin that’s softer, smoother, and deliciously glowing?

$145 – 90 minutes! 

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