Weight Loss Body Wrap

Weight Loss Body Wrap

The Weight is over! The FORMOSTAR Infrared Body Wrap is here!
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Duration: 10 Treatments

Service Amount: $649

Duration: 1 Treatment

Service Amount: $79

The Weight is over!  The FORMOSTAR Infrared Body Wrap is here! 

As seen on the TV Show, The Biggest Loser.

Drop a dress size! Reduce Hips and Thighs!  Our 5-week program of twice a week Formostar Infrared body Wrap is for any women that’s serious about losing inches, burning fat and weight loss. Burn up to 1400 calories per treatment!

How The Infrared Body Wrap Works:

Far Infrared energy increases the body’s molecular vibration by actually vibrating the cell structure to help break the connections between deposits, such as fats and toxins, generating heat which is absorbed through the skin.

Continuous vibration of the body’s molecules does the following:

*Increases dermis temperature *Enlarges blood vessels *Stimulates blood circulation *Activates metabolism in tissues & cells

This process provides therapeutic and tissue regenerative properties when humans absorb the energy. The ergonomically-designed silicone pads provide Far Infrared heat generation to an Active Carbon Fiber Matrix contained within the pads – providing even distribution of the infrared heat across the surface of the silicone wraps.

When the Infrared Body Wrap applies infrared heat deep into the body where fat tissues exist, the result is increased metabolism rates causing fat tissue to break up, burning excess calories as energy. This enables the system to aid in:

*Weight Loss *Body Contouring/Reshaping *Fat & inch loss *Pain Relief  *Detoxification *Skin Enhancement *Reduced appearance of cellulite

Check out the youtube video: YouTube Weight Loss Body Wrap

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