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goals 2021
Achieve your 2021 Goals!
Achieve your 2021 Goals! It's that time of year again-the time of year when new beginnings bring on a flurry...
Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
Himalayan Hot Salt Stone Massage
Himalayan salt stones are characteristically pink and contains 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements. It has long been used for health and healing.
Healthy Life
3 Tips for a Healthier Life
The average life expectancy continues to grow. Right now, the average American will live 78.6 years. To hit that milestone, you’ll need to focus on a healthy lifestyle.
Covid 19 Pre-screen
Covid 19 Screening

Covid 19 Screening Be prepared to answer these screening questions when you call for an appointment. All appointments as always,…

Home Facial Tips
At Home Facial Care Tips 

At Home Facial Care Tips  Here is a simple step-by-step tutorial for doing an at-home facial. All you need are…


FAQ COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS    How does COVID-19 spread? Per the CDC, the virus is thought to spread primarily via direct…

Health and Wellness
Commitment to Safety Covid-19

Health Update Coronavirus COVID-19 At N.J. Massage and Spa your health and wellbeing is the highest priority. To all of…

CBD OIl Massage Special
CBD Massage plus
CBD Massage!  Plus, check out these other treatments!  1: Peppermint/Aloe Foot Massage with reflexology, tea tree foot scrub and a...
Body Buffer Spa Treatment

Body Buffer Spa Treatment With Ultra Hydration Application  Click here to see Body Buffer Treatment Video! Are you looking for…