Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments

Relax, Refresh and Renew!

Complete mind/body rejuvenation with our detox & purification treatment.

Stimulates the physiology to remove impurities resulting in increased energy & mental clarity along with super silky skin.

An extremely effective detoxing treatment that incorporates full body dry brushing, 40 min massage using detox oil blend, seaweed body application, 20 minute full body organic herbal steam treatment, and organic body butter, to promote Ultra detoxification and purification of the body.

90 minutes $145 per treatment

Do you suffer from dry and peeling skin? Refresh and hydrate your skin with a soothing full-body exfoliation and hydrating wrap.

Your skin will feel fresh and renewed.
Escape the doldrums and indulge your skin & senses with a decadent escape.

Try our new Body Luxe Hydrating Body Wrap – bound to become a favorite for its rich texture & enticing scent.

The perfect escape hydrates skin for defense.

Treatment includes:
Full body dry brushing exfoliation, 50 minute massage using detox oil blend consisting of Safflower, Sesame, Sunflower, Jojoba, Olive, Sage, Peppermint, Rosemary and Eucalyptus. Next, Body Luxe warming balm application is applied, then the relaxing 20 minute organic full body herbal steam treatment. Lastly, we apply a light body butter to lock in and retain moisture.

Benefits: Hydration, Exfoliation, Anti Aging, Comfort and Deep Relaxation.

90 minutes $145 per treatment

Eco-fin Paraffin Hydrating Spa Treatment with Face Massage and optional Peppermint/Eucalyptus Scalp Massage Treatment!

Are you looking for a hydrating treatment for your hands and feet? 

Look no further! Try our Eco-fin Paraffin Hydrating Spa Treatment with Face Massage/Mask!

Eco-fin Paraffin is a rich blend of palm, soy, jojoba and organic coconut oils, shea butter, vitamin E and essential oils.

With heat, the paraffin delivers rich moisturizers that leave your hands and feet soft and supple.

The Eco-Fin Paraffin treatment will be applied to the hands and feet.

A relaxing face massage will follow using kansa wands, plus a moisturizing Green Tea Facial Mask will be applied to the face.

Next a massage for the hands and feet using the ECO-FIN warm paraffin.

A Luxurious and Nourishing treatment!

Your hands and feet will emerge renewed and silky soft and your face will feel intensely smooth and hydrated!

60 minutes $115 per treatment

Add a Peppermint/Eucalyptus Scalp Massage Treatment for just $10 extra (70 minutes $125)

With this delightful, good for the skin treatment, we start with a full body massage using coconut lime oil followed by a tropical coconut lime body scrub to gently smooth away dead skin cells.

Next is a 20 minute organic coconut herbal steam which melts the polish right into your skin, leaving you silky smooth and hydrated.

We finish by sealing all that moisture in with coconut lime body butter. A soothing, nourishing & hydrating treatment!

90 minutes $135 per treatment

Body Buffer Spa Treatment With Ultra Hydration Application

Are you looking for a full body spa treatment that will ULTRA exfoliate, smooth and rejuvenate the skin as well as a deep tissue massage all in 60 minutes?

Look no further.  May we present the:

Smoothing and Skin Rejuvenating, Body Buffer Spa Treatment with Ultra Hydration Application.

This treatment will help boost blood and lymphatic flow, stimulates collagen formation and stretches fibrous tissues to improve elasticity – creating multiple benefits for your appearance and promoting a feeling of well-being.

A soft terry cloth pad on the treatment device buffs away dead skin while it’s doing all of it’s other magic.

And magical it is!

After your very first session, your skin will feel Ultra Exfoliated, Silky and Unbelievably Smooth.

The appearance of cellulite will be diminished due to the increase lymphatic drainage and circulation.

This will help to reduce the dimples that are characteristic of cellulite.

Results may vary. May require multiple treatments for optimal results. 

Some incredible benefits of this body buffing treatment are:

Ultra Skin Exfoliation and Smoothing

Anti Aging, Skin Toning and Firming

It Warms and Soothes your muscles

It dramatically improves circulation and reduces swelling

It Helps speed up workout recovery

And it provides a relaxing deep tissue massage.

It’s an unique and effective way to have the smoothest, freshest and healthiest skin possible.

This treatment can be purchased as a 60 minute single treatment $125 per treatment or added on the any spa service for $35 per 15 minutes. 

This treatment is for the body not the face.

A relaxing massage with organic lavender oils followed by an organic lavender salt glow that gently exfoliates the skin.

Next is a 20 minute organic lavender and passion flower herbal steam that melts the polish into the skin.

We finish with a wonderful organic body butter to lock in all the moisture.

Lavender is known for its calming & relaxing properties. You will feel calm and relaxed & your skin will feel super smooth & moisturized.

90 minutes $135 per treatment

We start with a massage using beautiful champagne & roses massage oil.

Next is a luxurious champagne & roses body scrub that exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin.

A relaxing 20 minute organic rose herbal steam follows, that melts the polish right into your skin.

We finish with wonderful champagne & rose butter cream packed with vitamins A, C & D, shea butter, to lock in moisture & repair & ultra hydrate the skin.

90 minutes $135 per treatment

We start with a massage using chocolate massage oil.

Next is the Hot Chocolate sugar scrub! Guaranteed to sweeten your day & polish the skin’s surface, removing cellular debris.

This special scrub will soothe, smooth & regenerate the skin.

A relaxing 20 minute organic cacao herbal steam treatment follows, that melts the polish right into your skin.

We finish by applying Chocolate Butter Cream to lock in the moisture.

90 minutes $135 per treatment

We start with a full body massage with very special chocolate massage oil.

Next is a full body Brazilian Nut sugar scrub that will delight your senses & make your skin silky smooth.

Made with delectable Brazilian nut oil & enriched w/ vitamin C & oils to soften.

Next is a 20 minute organic cacao herbal steam that melts the polish right into your skin. We finish w/ Brazilian Nut Butter Cream to lock in the moisture.

90 minutes $135 per treatment

Massage Flame Hot Oil Candle Massage Treatment.

A truly unique hot oil massage! The Massage Flame treatment provides an unforgettable massage experience that’s both therapeutic and ultra moisturizing.

Each oil is therapeutically infused with beneficial essential oils and luxurious emollients, leaving skin silky smooth and irresistibly scented.

Choose from relaxing lavender, raspberry/grapefruit, chocolate or tropical coconut pina colada!

At the end of the session, you get to keep the remainder of the special hot oil candle to use at home!

90 minutes $135 per treatment

The Weight is over! Drop a dress size! Reduce Hips and Thighs!

The FORMOSTAR Infrared Body Wrap is here!

Our 5-week program of twice a week Formostar Infrared body Wraps is for any women that’s serious about losing inches, burning fat and weight loss.

Safely burn up to 1200 calories with each treatment & you will continue to burn calories in your body for up to 36 hours.

The Formostar Infrared Body Wrap Treatment Systems utilizes 6 silicone treatment pads wrapping the body in infrared heat.

Call today and book your Formostar Infrared Body Wrap!

$649 (10 treatments – 50 mins each)

The Full Body Microdermabrasion Treatment removes dead skin, impurities and helps eliminate sun damage. It will also improve scaly dry skin.

This treatment helps with sunspots, leathery skin from the sun or cold winter weather, and any impurities.

The full body microdermabrasion is followed by a sea sponge cleanse that prepares the body for an organic body butter moisturizer that is applied to the whole body, which leaves your body ultra smooth and silky.

Please note this microdermabrasion skin treatment is for the legs, arms, hands, stomach, back and neck. It is not applied to the face.

4 Treatments – $499 (90 mins each) 1 Treatment – $149

Our back herbal facial helps to heal acne, smooth skin texture, and even skin tone.

You already know how our herbal facial treatments can make your skin glow, but this fantastic treatment is also available for your back.

The skin on your back, largely ignored, can also have acne, acne scarring, uneven skin tone, rough texture, not to mention chronic muscle tension and tightness, which slows circulation, causing more skin problems.

A back facial has the similar steps as our organic herbal facial:

  • deep cleansing and steam to soften skin, open pores and relax the muscles
  • exfoliation with enzymes or granulated products to remove dead skin cells that accumulate and causing acne, dull skin and dehydration
  • massage to enhance circulation, which cleans the skin from the inside
  • corrective back masque (for acne, uneven pigment, etc) with a relaxing hot towel
  • toning spray to balance the pH, helping skin to heal and absorb nutrients well
  • moisturizing and spf to soften, heal and protect skin

60 minutes $125 per treatment

This treatment is perfect for any woman who wants to smell like a dozen roses, & have her body feeling smooth & soft.

We start by using organic Blissful Rose massage oil, followed by a organic rose salt glow scrub.

We finish with a relaxing 20 minute organic herbal rosebud steam followed by soothing rose moisture body butter.

Roses are also known for there soothing properties & it also opens your heart chakra.

90 minutes $135 per treatment

We start with a massage using delicious pumpkin spice massage oil.

Next, pumpkin spice scrub that gently exfoliates & reveals younger healthier smoother skin.

Next, enjoy a 20 minute organic cinnamon herbal steam that melts the polish right into your skin!

We finish with with pumpkin spice butter cream, the ultimate hydrating moisturizer,with Shea Butter, Pumpkin Seed as well as phytonutrients with antioxidant properties.

90 minutes $135 per treatment

We start with a massage using green tea massage oil.

Next is the green tea scrub to exfoliate old cells from the surface of the skin to allow your youthful radiance to emerge.

Next, a 20 minute organic green tea herbal steam that melts the polish right into your skin.

We complete with green tea butter cream filled with powerful antioxidents which protects against free radical skin damage.

Your skin will feel silky smooth & ultra hydrated!

90 minutes $135 per treatment

The safest and most effective skin care option. The radiance that an herbal facial treatment provides is unmatched.

It brings out the skin’s suppleness and softness.

We only use natural & organic high quality clays, muds, herbs, oils, scrubs, exfoliators, toners, moisturizers and skin care products for our facials.

Great for all skin types – anti-aging, nourishes the skin, helps heal imperfections & provides a deep cleanse and purification.

It rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin making shine like a bride! Ideal for sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, mature skin, combination and anti-aging.

Please note, all of our facial treatments are non-invasive, natural and organic.

We do not do extractions. Having extractions done can be harmful to the skin because they can weaken the skin, decrease skin’s elasticity, and cause broken blood vessels.

60 minutes $75 to $95 per treatment

We start with a massage using chocolate massage oil. Next, an Almond Honey sugar scrub!

This delightful scrub nourishes at the same time it exfoliates to reveal younger smoother skin!

It will delight your senses as it smooths your skin with this rich, exfoliating body scrub.

Next, a 20 minute organic cacao herbal steam treatment that melts the polish right into your skin.

We finish w/Chocolate Butter Cream to lock in moisture.

90 minutes $135 per treatment

We start with a massage using organic eucalyptus oil followed by a full body Eucalyptus salt scrub to smooth away dead skin cells.

Next, a 20 minute organic eucalyptus, echinacea herbal steam.

We finish with Eucalyptus and Peppermint body cream that contains shea butter, kukui oil and argan oil, to soften and lock in the moisture.

Your congestion will flee & sore muscles surrender w/ this powerful healing treatment!

90 minutes $135 per treatment


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