Breaking News, Chocolate is GOOD for the Skin!

Chocolate is GOOD for the Skin

Breaking News, Chocolate is GOOD for the Skin!

Benefits of Chocolate:

Did you know that chocolate has the ability to remove menstrual pain and to prevent drowsiness?

Chocolate is filled with antioxidants that rejuvenate the skin, and will leave your face smooth, soft, and glowing.


Chocolate is a great mood booster.

Its scent and properties elevate levels of serotonin.

Chocolate produces endorphin’s in the brain that create feelings of happiness which help reduce stress.

Even the smell of chocolate can have a calming effect. Chocolate is a wonderful and powerful antioxidant. It protects and frees the skin from free radicals, that cause significant damage to skin layers.

German researchers found that the flavonoids in dark chocolate absorb UV light, help protect and increase blood flow to the skin, and improve skin’s hydration and complexion.

Benefits of using chocolate on the skin include:

Did you know that the theobromine content of chocolate helps burn fat and eliminate unwanted cellulite.

Its polyphenol contains anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties.

It contains glycerides which contain lipids and fats used to moisturize, to plump and to firm your skin.

It contains calcium, potassium and magnesium needed for cell renewal and growth.

It has a calming effect that reduces stress and makes your muscles feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks.

It improves the texture of your skin.

It removes harmful radicals caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun, dust, wind and other harmful substances found in the air.

It leaves your skin glowing, fresh and younger looking.

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